Night Fishing Buoy - Portable 2A

Night Fishing Buoy - Portable 2A


Includes : LED Light, Charger, Buoy, Battery Anchor, Wired connectors

Optional Apple AirTag  $28.00


Products Included with kit

  • Buoy LED Light (45-50 watt)
  • Charger
  • Anchor
  • Wired Connectors





BUOY or Equal POLYFORM 12" Diamater

BUOYBuoy or Equal POLYFORM  12" Diameter (InflatedSize: 12" x 15") Mark Buoy Mooring Buoy Anchor Lift Buoy A30

Features and Details

The A Series is the product that launched the Polyform story. This all-purpose buoy, with the signature "blue ropehold" has proven itself in the most adverse conditions. Making gear used in heavy seas is no easy task. That's why more fishermen use Polyform A Series than all other buoys combined. You name it — ocean, sea, river or lake — and the A Series has been there. Put your trust in Polyform's most versatile and well-known product.


This Lithium Battery is LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) These are the safest, longest lasting Lithium Batteries available with 2000+ charge cycles. All batteries have built in BMS which gives you charging and discharging cutoff protection for your safety and increased longevity of our products. Cost per charge, there is not a better technology out there.

LIFEPO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate 

Nonspillable Battery

A2 - Generic Battery with BMS protection   
Battery Capacity: 30АН
Battery Voltage: 12.8V
Battery power: 384WH
Battery weight: 6-7 lbs
Battery size: NA
Charging Voltage: 14.6V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 10V
Max discharge/charge current: 30A
Charge Temperature Range: 0~55°C
Discharge Temperature Range: -20~55°C
Recommended working temperature: 25°C

Manufacturer Choice - Green 45-50 watt LED Underwater Fishing Light.

Seachoice Grapnel Anchor - 1.5lbs



BoatStorage NFB


At this time, all orders are handled by phone (no online orders at this time).  Pricing listed is for the buoy with LED light and anchor.

Apple AirTag mounted internally is optional.

Due to the size/weight of our products, shipping is not included. I will have to contact you with the total price, including shipping. Delivery is a minimum of 2-3 weeks at this time.

Buoy's have a 90 days return full refund...100%.  Buoy is expected to last 5-7 years if charged regularly. Text me or PM your email address and phone number if you are interested.

Payment is being accepted through VENMO and PAYPAL at this time with 50% down and 50% upon shipment.

For best performance stick with what original manufacturer provided.

Check the use of lights in your state. Some states prohibit the use of lights.

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